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Thor Odinson
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Thor Odinson, the god of thunder, is the son of the Norse god Odin (king of the Asgardians) and step-brother of Loki (god of mischief). He carries a hammer titled Mjolnir which gives him his power to control lightning. Being a member of the race of Asgardians, Thor possesses keen senses which allow him to track objects travelling faster than light, as well as superhuman strength, speed, agility and reflexes.


In 2011, Thor was banished to Earth due to his attack on the Frost Giants after Odin denied him permission to do so. Thor later discovers that he was really banished due to Loki plotting against him. At the end of the movie, Thor knows how to become a true hero.


Thor is played by Chris Hemsworth and appeared in ThorThe Avengers and Thor: The Dark World (movie).

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